First problems since joining GiffGaff

At the start of November, I signed up to UK virtual mobile operator GiffGaff, as I’d just got a new unlocked HTC and wanted to finally see what the community-supported network was all about.

Everything has been fine until today, when I can see and connect to the O2 network it runs on, and receive text messages, but not send anything or access any data. I’d have normally assumed it was lack of credit, aside from the fact the package I chose specifically came with free texts and free data.

So it’s my first experience of their community support model – I’ll be interested to see how it goes. The first lesson is always patience!

Update: Turns out the community is very helpful, even though the sheer volume in the ‘Help’ forum means topics rapidly drop down the order. Also turns out the GiffGaff issue may have been… <ahem> User error on my part…


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