Great night out at #DPiP

Last night involved lots of good food and conversation as the second annual ‘Digital People in Peterborough Pre-Christmas Curry Night’ took place at the Banyan Tree restaurant in town.

Ably organised by Jonathan, we had a good turn out of 18 people who braved the cold weather to enjoy some nice food, drinks and general chat about working online, mobile phone technology, which pub to go to after the meal, and which animal tail you’d pick to have!

It was great to spend some time with familiar faces and some new attendees… It’s also the first time we’ve really used Google+ to promote the event, manage invites, and add photos, which turned out pretty well.

#DPiP in the Pub

#DPiP in the Pub

We’ll need to do our best to keep the momentum going now! The next meetup is in The Brewery Tap pub on January 17th, 2013 from 7.30pm, and you can check out more info at:

The DPiP website

DPiP on Twitter

DPiP on Facebook

DPiP on Google+

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