Been watching: Jonah Hex

I’ve been a fan of films and comics since I can remember, and in recent years I honestly thought the days of terrible comic book films was over.

I was wrong.

Jonah Hex manages to be truly terrible. It’s badly paced, repeats the dramatic reason for seeking vengeance as if the viewer has amnesia, and manages to waste the talents of both John Malkovitch and Michael Fassbender. On top of that, two Western films with John Brolin came out in 2010, and the other was the fine Coen brothers remake of True Grit.

Even someone like me, that thought Green Lantern was actually OK, had to admit defeat with Jonah Hex. And despite the distraction of Megan Fox in a corset, I still can’t believe that one of the bad guys in the climatic final fight would be apparently about to kill her, only to completely ignore her and get back to his evil tasks to let Jonah Hex have time to get there and save her…

Truly terrible.


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