Previous employers coming together?

I couldn’t help thinking it was slightly ironic that Bauer Media has emerged as the frontrunner to buy Absolute Radio, according to recent reports in The Guardian.

After all I spent 8.5 years working for Emap, and then for Bauer Media following the acquisition of the consumer magazines and websites by the German publishers.

And then I left to join my former boss Chris Lawson at Absolute Radio in 2009, not long after the new brand had launched.

I can only presume that the Bauers will be contacting me sometime soon with an offer for TheWayoftheWeb.

Anything I write about any potential purchase would be pure conjecture, but I will say that I’ve worked on brilliant projects with amazing people in both companies, and I’ve never launched so many great things in such as short a period as when I worked at One Golden Square. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with both companies since launching my own business, which has always been enjoyable.

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