Things I’m slowly learning

Some quick lessons that I want to make sure I can easily remind myself about in the future.


I used to think I needed a cigarette and caffeine to function in the morning:

Now I’ve learned that even a couple of minutes exercise has a better effect – although I haven’t ditched smoking and sugary cola quite yet.


I used to think I just needed that one brilliant idea to come along:

Now I know that the journey to one brilliant idea is paved with lots of ideas every day, and working through each one to end up finding the best.


I used to think it would be scary to work and live alone:

Until two years ago, I’d always worked for large companies. And I’d never lived alone until last year – I went from the family home to shared student accommodation, to sharing houses, to living with by girlfriend.

Now I’ve realised that working for yourself isn’t scary. It’s not even difficult if you’re willing to put in the work.

And living alone isn’t scary, but it can get you down – so the answer is to make sure you put in the effort to be social regularly.


The important bit of learning these things isn’t reading them in a book, seeing them on a blog, or writing them here. It’s internalising them and making them part of my daily and weekly habits.

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