My favourite Cory Doctorow books…

Someone recently asked me to recommend some books I’ve been reading, and when it comes to Cory Doctorow, I’ve probably re-read my favourites several times now.

So rather than just sharing my personal picks in a private email, I figured I’d share them publicly. They’re all available as free downloads from his site, but whether you grab a PDF version or a Kindle file format, if you enjoy them, I’d urge you to buy a copy for friends or family, or to consider buying a copy which can be matched to a library or school which would like a copy. The whole point of artists and creative people embracing the open, sharing, Creative Commons world is to allow people to share, remix, spread the word and support their favourite artists more easily, not just to load up on freebies!

It’s been made a lot easier for me after I happened to give one book to my father as a present, and despite buying my parents a Kindle, they still love print editions, so that’s birthday’s and Christmas sorted for a while!


My favourite Doctorow books:

Purely personal choices – yours may, and should differ. I’d recommend that if you have the time and inclination you read everything, but I know at least one person who needs a curated selection.

I’m not going to impose the reasons I particularly like them – read them and make up your own minds. All I would say is that you should ignore the fact some of them are labelled as ‘Young Adult’ books – the difference between a teenage and adult reader is enthusiasm, not the ability to handle complex issues!

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