More June reading with Gibson and Stross

Following up on yesterday’s graphic novel purchases – I may have also purchased some books to read over the next month or so:


They are:


So that’s my science fiction needs covered this month. I thought I’d covered all of William Gibson’s fiction until I recently unpacked and re-ordered my bookshelf and realised there were a couple missing – also including the non-fiction of Distrust which I’d had on my reading list for ages.

I’ve only read a few works  by Charlie Stross, but so far I’ve enjoyed them all. So looking forward to Rule 34, and also the Wireless collection of short stories.

Combine that with the need to watch all motorcycle racing (Currently the Isle of Man TT is on, plus the MotoGP, WSB and BSB series have started), and trying out the Lovefilm exclusive series Vikings (The beards and hairstyles make it feel like Sons of Anarchy in longboats…) I think that’s my leisure time spoken for…

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