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When it comes to consuming entertainment, I reached the digital tipping point a long time ago. For cost, convenience, and the distance to occasionally refrain from adding impulse purchases, it’s much more convenient.

But it doesn’t mean that I am averse to buying physical products when I’m able. For instance, if I happen to be somewhere with a decent comic shop. Comics are one of the few forms of media which I personally still prefer in a print format.


Preacher Vol 4, Preacher Vol 5 and Transmetropolitan

Hence why a recent trip to Cambridge saw me return with:

Transmetropolitan was originally published in the late 90’s, and ended in 2002, written by Warren Ellis, and as the cyberpunk tale of a journalist in the future, has been on my list to read for ages.

Meanwhile the Preacher series, written by Garth Ennis, which ended in 2000, is a Western-influenced tale featuring (unsurprisingly) a fair amount of religion.

Two classic series I really need to finish!


  1. I sold my complete set of Preacher graphic novels a couple of years ago- I became irrationally worried the eldest would pick them up and start reading them :/

    Think my favourite collected series has to be Ys the Last Man though. Gave up with the Walking Dead around issue 80 something. You’re in for a treat with what you have left with Preacher 🙂

    • DanThornton says:

      I’m not sure Preacher is the worst thing children could be exposed to by accident. Generally mine is fine with the idea that anything featuring zombies, for example, is off limits. The bigger problem is spotting seemingly innocuous Youtube videos about Super Mario which contain swearing etc… Reinforces how hard it would be for Youtube et al to pre-approve all content!

  2. If you enjoy Ellis’ writing, you could do worse than pick up the two Global Frequency collections – self-contained stories from different artists, all recognisably Uncle Warren.

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