Appearing on Econsultancy – thanks Google…

Just a quick one to share how proud I am to have been asked to comment on Google’s recent keyword and search algorithm changes not once, but twice, for the Econsultancy site.

Both are great articles as they bring a number of very insightful people together from the search and marketing worlds.



  1. Congratulations, Dan!

  2. DanThornton says:

    Hi Ivica!,
    Thanks, and it’s definitely interesting times to be working in SEO and Social Media – hope you’re well!

    • Yes, you are right, very interesting digital marketing changes are ongoing. I’m happy to be able to witness “from the first hand” all those changes ongoing. These recent Google algorithm changes affected some of our customers – e.g. one customer even switched his 2nd place with the 1st place on Google search place with a strong competitor for very strong keyword… and the competitor was much longer present on the web and hard working for keeping that 1st place…

      I’m very well, thx, life is simply beautiful, indeed! 🙂

      Cheers, Ivica

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