State of Digital’s Future of Search Google Hangout

I was honored to be part of State of Digital’s Google Hangout earlier today, which was based around the question ‘What is the Future of Search’.

It was a really interesting discussion, and was expertly hosted by Bas van den Beld. In addition to myself, the other invitees were Dixon Jones, Gianluca Fiorelli, Krystian Szastok, Russel McAthy and my old friend Tim Stewart. It eventually ran to 90 minutes which you can watch below.

Beyond the fact my happiness at being involved managed to overwhelm my self-conscious desire to avoid appearing in photos and on video, it also reminded me of a few video and webcam lessons and techniques which I completely forgot to do – so for those who want to look a bit more professional in any Google Hangouts, webcam videos or live chats, I’ll run through my mistakes over on TheWayoftheWeb blog.

But it’s definitely reinforced my aim to be involved in more video and speaking opportunities this year. Just need to get a haircut first…

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