Music to work to…

Working in a home office has a number of benefits, including a relatively short commute of about 30 seconds in the morning. It also means I can be more flexible with my hours, which is a great advantage, although it means I’m often typing away alone.

Being an only child and spending lots of time reading, writing and playing with computers means that solitude is a fairly natural state for me, but it’s also meant I’ve invested some time in working out the best soundtracks to have as background noise. I’ve got reasonably varied tastes from classic soul to punk and thrash metal, but I’ve found two types of music work particularly well.

Firstly, classic music seems to provide the right soundtrack for working. In particular, Vivaldi: Recomposed by Max Richter, which is familiar enough to be relaxing, but more enjoyable than the original for me.

That’s worked well for a fair while, but I’ve also found some other music that’s ideal for working.

For years I’ve been trying to improve my Swedish, but I’ve never really knuckled down and got to the stage where I’d be able to claim I’m fluent. So it turns out that listening to Swedish vocals means that I’m familiar enough with the chorus, but don’t end up distracted by the verses.

This song in particular has been on repeat play a lot recently.

So if you’re working somewhere and need a musical background – and don’t fancy classical or ambient type tracks – then what about picking your favourite style of music but in a different language?

Got any of your own tips for coping with the solitude of working at a home office?

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