The new Kindle Paperwhite looks good…

I’ve had a Kindle for several years, but for the first time, I’m tempted to upgrade to the New Kindle Paperwhite. And it’s largely for the new Bookerly font being used.

I have an Old Kindle, which does the job (And is now £69.99 without Special Offers on the lock screen). And it still does the job more than adequately.

But it is a little tiring to read, and a lot of that is down to the font.

Plus the new Paperwhite has a higher-resolution 300 ppi display, and has a built-in front light which means I don’t have to find a decent light source every time I want to read a few pages.

And the best thing is that it’s still a dedicated E-reader. No apps, emails, notifications etc to distract me from what I’m actually reading… It’s rare that I even use any of the features – although being able to search through books to find a particular passage did come in handy for my last blog post.

I’ve even come round to the idea of paying the one-off £60 extra for 3G connectivity – I don’t often need it, but considering my current Kindle shows no signs of becoming irrelevant after a few years, it’s not such a big cost to be spread over the course of a few years…

Now to decide whether the Bookerly font and other improvements are worth the difference between the previous 6th Generation Kindle Paperwhite at £99, or the New Kindle Paperwhite at £119.99. The longevity of the Kindle suggests it is…

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