50 Vapes of Days

There are a variety of different studies and opinions which try to define how long it takes to form a new habit. From 21 days to 66 or 90, the answer varies. Probably because people do.

So I don’t know how long you’ve stuck with something before it became a natural habit. But I’d be interested to find out. Certainly I’ve found that writing regularly about progress has been helpful, as I’m not someone who finds updating a spreadsheet on daily ‘quantified self metrics’ particularly enjoyable. But weekly updates on here remind me to keep going – even if I might be starting to bore friends on Facebook and Twitter.

So 50 days of vaping today:

  • 750 cigarettes not smoked.
  • £375 of cigarettes not bought.
  • Total cost of vaping so far: Kit £92. Liquids and coils: £88.50. Total: £180.50
  • Savings: £194.50
  • Potentially 125 hours of life, or 5.2 days re-gained.
  • And coincidentally, since getting the inclination to exercise again: 160+ push-ups, and 160+ squats. I can’t be exact as I’ve set my minimum at 20 per day, and anything over that is a bonus.

The savings weren’t as big as they might have been, as I stocked up with a new pack of coils (the first tank I bought finally needed a replacement), and 2 weeks of liquid (but with half at 6mg nicotine as opposed to 12mg). Bit annoying, as my savings would have been over £200 otherwise, but I’ll hit that in the next day. And that’s not counting lighters, or the petrol for late night trips to the corner shop.

I’m still very happy with the Apsire Zelos and Nautilus tank. For reference, I’m using it for Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping and generally around 13-13.5 watts depending on the thickness of the liquid.

Might need to experiment with some new flavours though. It seems that a lot of people like a sweeter taste than me, and I definitely like more fruit and citrus flavours. So any recommendations are much appreciated…

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