David Heinemeier Hansson on your life’s work

I’d be happy if 37signals is the last place I work….
Committing myself to this long-term focus has led to a peaceful work atmosphere and an incredible clarity of purpose. If this is the last job I’ll ever have, I damn well better make sure that I like it. I won’t just tough things out.
If you’re not committed to your life’s work in a company and with people you could endure for decades, are you making progress on it?

David Heinemeier Hansson from a post about work at 37Signals.

Since working for myself, I’ve noticed a similar process going on, especially as things have started to grow and become viable and sustainable. I doubt that any large companies are going to pick up a small virtual marketing agency in Peterborough, and I can’t really think about letting go on the niche websites which are like my children…

Even if there is a change and a pivot, the people and processes that are being worked on now will continue to be valuable, and the core will stay the same even if the ultimate output evolves over time.