Why I love cars and motorcycles…

Just replied to a question on Facebook, and wanted to share the reasons I gave for loving cars and motorcycles here. Partly because I increasingly want to make sure I’m storing more content on my own properties rather than a social network owned, controlled and generating revenue for someone else. And partly as a spur to remind me to expand on it sometime in the future.


Q: People who are interested in cars. Why?

  • Because they embody the potential freedom of being able to travel anywhere as long as you have some money for petrol, rather than being stuck where you are.
  • Because as a teenager they offer a place which can be entirely your own, with your own space, music, and a back seat to entertain members of the opposite sex.
  • Because they also have the potential to offer speed and excitement when most of our lives can be humdrum.
  • Because there is a sense of wonder in how everything fits together to harness the power of small explosions to drive wheels and provide motion.
  • Because the best cars have a design which embodies beauty or emotion, whether it’s the curves of an E-Type or the brute power of a muscle car.
  • Because motorsports, although a team effort in the pits, are a solo effort when the racers are on the track.
  • Because being on a track and getting everything right can lead to experiencing ‘flow’, as with any skill which is repeated to the point an expert has an almost ‘out of body’ experience.

And because of sociological influences which mean that I love cars and motorcycles in the same way as other people might love golf, knitting or whatever their passion might be.

The more I grow up, the less I care about people having an identical passion, and the more I’m interested in their passion itself for whatever they might love…