Technology and Christmas…

Besides wishing everyone a Happy Holidays, I’ve been thinking about how technology has changed Christmas since I was a lad…


  • The pile of presents looks much less impressive with technology constantly getting smaller.
  • It’s very hard to wrap an app or digital download.
  • There’s no excuse that ‘there’s none left in the shops’ thanks to online stock checkers.
  • Christmas TV isn’t exciting at all when you can watch anything at any time.
  • Work may have stopped but emails don’t. Especially Christmas messages from every service you’ve ever used.
  • The need to Instagram every present being unwrapped, and pets in novelty reindeer antlers.
  • Spoiling the surprise with the habit of checking in to every shop on Foursquare.
  • Covering your tablet/phone in ingredients rather than digging out an old cookbook.
  • No need for novelty Christmas CDs thanks to Spotify. As if you haven’t heard them enough.
  • But at least you can follow Santa via NORAD’s online tracker.