Things trying to stop me from blogging…

Besides being thankful that work occasionally makes it hard to find time to write – because otherwise I might struggle to have the money to pay rent or eat, there are other things which eat into my creative time… So here are 3 of the current offenders:


I’ve always been a music geek. I even confess to being a music snob all too often in the past. So the free Android version of the classic ‘Name That Tune’ is horribly addictive, as I get to compete against players around the world in ultimately pointless competitions to see who can correctly identify 5 90s Alternative Tunes, or 5 examples of Modern Rap.

If you want to risk it, the free version is on the Play Store.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer:

I honestly thought my addiction to Call of Duty had ended after I spent a ridiculous amount of time completing all 15 prestige levels in Black Ops. And yet, even though the actual multi-player game has some issues with connection speeds, I’m finding myself sucked into the familiar grind to unlock weapon attachments and camos.

And that’s key to the Call of Duty obsession – the pacing of rewards in-game for amassing a set number of kills, and in between games with the promise you can soon wield a gold gun, or one with diamond camouflage. Add the social side of a group of similar-aged guys with shared interests that I know are probably online while I type this, and it’s tempting to just go and jump on the Xbox for ‘just one quick game’. If you think you can handle it, Black Ops 2 is out for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U.


Urban Explorer forums:

I’ve been fascinated with urban exploring, and the amazing finds that are being photographed. There are some interesting forums on the subject, where you can find yourself spending hours looking at what has been discovered. And it’s fascinating to discover how many interesting building might be derelict or decaying in your area – the explorers tend to do a great job of documenting the history of each location.